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Frontline Press, Ltd. is proud to present
Our latest addition to a great line-up

Banana Republic Revisited

75 Years of Madness, Mayhem & Minigolf in

Myrtle Beach

In 2003, Frontline Press presented Will Moredock's Banana Republic -- A Year in the Heart of Myrtle Beach, a classic look at corruption, cronyism, malfeasance and environmental destruction in the fabled South Carolina Beach town. For the tenth anniversary of Banana Republic -- and to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the town -- Moredock gives  us Banana Republic Revisited -- 75 Years of Madness, Mayhem and Minigolf in Myrtle Beach, which updates the original with an introductory capsule of events and politics since 2003. A must read for anyone interested in understanding South Carolina's political culture.

What People Said About Banana Republic:
“Brace yourself, Myrtle Beach.
“Will Moredock … is about to level a roundhouse right with
his publication of Banana Republic: A Year in the Heart of Myrtle

Bob Bestler, The Sun News

“His narrative is well researched and documented...He writes
in a gripping style that combines his journalistic and short
story-writing talents, leaving no doubt that this is not fiction....
I couldn't put this book down....His research and excellent
prose make for a great read...”

Laurie Stewart, Grand Strand Magazine

Banana Republic Revisited by Will Moredock


Also From Frontline Press

Living in Fear -

Race, Politics & The Republican Party in South Carolina



Living in Fear

Race, Politics &The Republican Party in South Carolina

From 2002 till 2012, Will Moredock wrote a weekly

column on South Carolina politics and culture for
Charleston City Paper.Living in Fear is a selection
of 71 of those columns, with a focus on the way that
racial fear has shaped the politics and the culture
of this state. Also in this volume is "300 Years of

Living in Fear," Moredock's 7,000-word essay on the
origin and future of these ancient racial fears.

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