Race Relations
Culture Wars
Myrtle Beach Golf
Neon Ghetto
Boulevard Youth
Battle Over T-Shirts
Body Piercing
Stylish Hedonism
Oldest Profession
Public Corruption

Advance Praise for
Banana Republic: A Year in the Heart of Myrtle Beach

For those who want to understand the difference between the Myrtle Beach that was and the Myrtle Beach that is and why, Will Moredock tells a story that both informs and entertains. He investigates below the surface and writes from the perspective of a native who returned and felt a sense of loss.

Jack Bass,
Author of Porgy Comes Home and
The Orangeburg Massacre

In his definitive exposition of the Redneck Riviera, Will Moredock has captured lightening in a bottle. Tourists and townspeople alike will be much amused, amazed and confounded.

Alex Sanders,
Jurist, former president of College of Charleston

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