The Way of the Forest

The Way of the Forest

This is the story of a happy and prosperous tribe of People who have lived for generations in harmony with the land, the plants, and the animals. Upon awakening one morning, they discover that everything they have always depended upon to survive has disappeared. All the animals have departed, and the plants will no longer offer sustenance. Facing the threat of starvation, no one knows what has happened, or what to do. Taking it upon themselves to discover the truth, two young warriors – a boy and girl from the tribe – embark upon an epic journey to learn what has befallen their People.

What People Say About
"The Way of The Forest"

“Hawk Hurst’s new “The Way of the Forest” is a beautiful and haunting story about decisions and consequences. Full of symbolism, the story conjures a world that is thrown out of balance through the selfish but very human acts of three young people. Their quest for redemption will inspire people of all ages.”

- Tony Bartelme, author, journalist and finalist for the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in feature writing.

“My son, Charlie, and I are reading your book and really enjoying it. The message that the books holds is one that desperately needs to be heard. Bravo!”

- Susan Cass, Parent.

“Thanks so much for your book! You do a great job telling the story and the illustrations are such a great asset. I really like how the character, Dega’taga, reflects on his life at the end of the story. My struggling readers will benefit from reading the important ideas from his perspective.”

- Char Janzen, Teacher.

“The Way of the Forest by Hawk Hurst should be the way of our society today. A tender story, filled with examples of family love, respect for nature and the honored code of the animal kingdom, this is a treasured story to be read and shared with those you care about.”

- Pamela Bauer Mueller, author of An Angry Drum Echoed and other historical novels.

“This book easily integrates language arts and real world connections within the science classroom. Creative and enjoyable to read.”

- Dr. Julie Sessions, Porter Gaud fifth grade science teacher.

“Hawk’s story, The Way of the Forest, is one that is often requested around the evening campfires. It is a wonderful tale of the connection between humans and our natural world, inspiring a heartfelt desire for us to interact more deeply with the earth and it’s many inhabitants. For over two decades, Hawk has served as a senior mentor and master naturalist with both our summer camp and school programs. A gifted storyteller, naturalist, and environmental educator, Hawk’s knowledge and experiences in these fields provide an important expertise to the Preserve. Hawk is a treasure and we feel fortunate to count him as a member of the Green River Preserve family.”

- Missy Schenck, co-owner, Green River Preserve.

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The Way of the Forest

Hawk Hurst

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