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Stylish Hedonism

Filling the food, beverage and entertainment service jobs along the Grand Strand are thousands of such twenty-something women with names like Ashleigh and Kristi and Heather, with their liposuctioned thighs and silicone-implanted breasts; and thousands of twenty-something guys with names like Kevin and Jason and Sean, with their gold chains and their spiked, tipped hair. They tend bars, wait tables, manage clubs and restaurants and take their clothes off to entertain strangers.

Some of them do it only for a summer or two; others for a year or two. Some get addicted to the easy money and fast life – to say nothing of the drugs and alcohol – and they stay long after they should have moved on with their lives. Like the kids on the Boulevard, they come for the thrills and the freedom.

They are older, better educated, but just as lost and alienated in their own ways. Their lives appear to be one endless Michelob commercial – an homage to cheerful, stylish hedonism. On closer examination, one suspects there’s something darker going on.

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