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Oldest Profession

Some clubs had policies against their dancers “dating” the customers. But once you’ve taken your clothes off and lap-danced for a guy, it almost seems a courtesy to meet him after hours to consummate the evening.

Perhaps that was why so many dancers slid across the line into prostitution. That’s the way Cyndee got into it. She would meet a cute guy at the club where she danced three or four nights a week; he would make an offer and she would go back to his hotel room or bring him to her apartment. It didn’t take long to figure out that she could make as much money at home in a couple of hours as she could bumping and grinding in the spotlight all night.

Her boyfriend, who worked in the pro shop of a golf course, put her name and phone number around to caddies and pro shops at other clubs. These customer service specialists were happy to pimp a woman to a friendly duffer, if they could expect a little extra tip at the end of the day.

As a freelance hooker, Cyndee was making between $1,000 and $3,000 a week, depending on the season, and spent her extra hours working on her tan, her hair, her nails. “I’d die if I was still doing this when I turn thirty,” the 26-year-old Kentucky native told me. “I’m going to keep putting my money away and staying out of trouble and in a couple of years me and Barry are gonna move to Florida and buy a house and get married. Then I’m gonna open a hair and nail salon, which is what I came to Myrtle Beach to do anyway. . . . I always knew what I wanted and what I was willing to do to get it.  I mean, I wouldn’t kill nobody and I wouldn’t let nobody hurt me, but this – hey, this is just natural, you know?” she laughed. “Why shouldn’t I make some money off of it?”
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